"If nothing you do matters, then all that matters is what you do."

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So much bliss.

I could watch this for hours, 

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u take a lot of selfies. do u think ur pretty or smoething? ur not



hi there, anon. i didn’t realize i took a lot of selfies. thanks for the info. so, your question was whether i think i’m pretty. you already answered that no, i am not. 

and i have to agree, anon. i don’t think i’m pretty bc i’m not.

i’m fat.


i always have a double chin.


i constantly look like i haven’t slept in a week bc of my dark circles

and, i always look sunburnt. idfk why


i have this white line across my nose that makeup can’t cover up 


i have tons of wrinkles on my forehead. like what the hell? i’m 25

also, it’s the size of fucking texas


i still don’t know how to smile in pictures bc i hate my fucking teeth


my feet are flat. my hips are huge. my boobs are weird. i am covered in stretch marks. my voice is grating. my ears stick out two miles from my head. i am always fucking sweating and i’ve been asked if i was pregnant more times than i can count. 

so, you’re right. i’m not pretty. i can’t stand the way i look.

which is why it’s so fucking important that i post “a lot” of selfies. bc, anon, you’d better fucking believe that if i look in the mirror that day and don’t cringe, i’m gonna take a fucking picture to save that tiny little second. and GOD FORBID i show the world that i posses a little self love every once in a fucking while. 


that beard finally coming in? go ahead, bro. take a selfie.

you finally got that piercing you’ve been wanting? not really my style, but you’re fucking rocking it. take a selfie.

your boobs look awesome in that shirt? take a selfie.

you finally lose or gain that weight you’ve been working on? take a selfie.

your eyeliner look awesome? your new sunglasses make you look like  a celebrity avoiding the paparazzi? you killing that tux? you feel a tiny, rare level of self love? you always on a high level of self love? you just like your face? 


thanks for the question, anon. this one’s for you.



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Randomlyimagine and I were discussing who our mystical personas would be, and she suggested a selkie for me.

Naturally, I had to draw her as a forest wizard. 

Ack, that is so adorable! You make a fantastic selkie, if I may say so myself, and thanks for drawing my idea (and thanks a million times more for including me in the drawing)! Seriously, it’s awesome. And you know I’ve actually been struggling to picture what I would look like as a forest wizard since our discussion so thanks for giving me a clear and adorable mental image. :) And yes, you can totally touch my theoretical wizard staff. (Also, what’s the adorable little thing on my hat?)

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I found your blog on the UU tag from something you reblogged. I hope it's not rude to ask, but I was wondering how you chose your church. I've never been to a UU church before (in fact, I haven't been to church in about ten years), but I think I could really enjoy it. There are just so many in my region that I don't know how to just pick one to try first... also, do you have any advice for making the most out of the experience as a first-timer?? Thank you!

Yeah, totally ! And no, it’s not rude at all, don’t worry about it. If nothing else, we UUs are a pretty gregarious bunch. :)

I might not totally be the best source for advice on this because I was actually raised at my church, which my parents started attending when I was like 2. However, I have been to a number of different churches for services and events, so I can speak a bit based on that. And a lot of my followers are UUs, so maybe some of them can chime in?

If you haven’t found it yet, the UUA website has a church locator here. And I don’t know if it’s your sort of thing, but there is also a huge online congregation of sorts called Church of the Larger Fellowship, which has services and hymns and an online community. I’ve seen one of their services, it’s pretty cool. Maybe not for you, but you might check it out, especially just to look at and get a better idea of what UU services might be like (in topic, anyway, the format is radically different).

As for searching for churches, beyond looking at the info the locator will give you (distance, size), look at their websites first (ignore the fact that they’re probably all desperately in need of new websites). A lot of the time, they’ll post sermon transcripts or recordings, as well as active projects and community service going on. More than that, though, I’d suggest basically shopping around—going to a few services at each church and getting a feel for the place. And I would really suggest trying to go to more than one service at each, because UU churches can vary a lot in content and topic from sermon to sermon because of how many things services can draw on compared to in other religions, since we’re non-dogmatic. Also, keep in mind that during the summer, many UU churches either close temporarily or are lay-led, while their minister is on vacation; you might get a better picture if you wait until around September 1st.

Similar to what I said earlier, UU churches can vary greatly in focus. For example, some churches are more Christian and will often use language like “God” and make their services more often relate to Christianity, while other churches draw more from pagan/earth-centered religions and will focus on nature and spirit and use language like “The Great Spirit” or speak of divine energy, while still others focus more on social justice and spend more time talking about issues in the world and living out our faith, rather than about more obviously religious matters—and really, everything in between happens too. I personally go to a church that is by far more social justice-centered, but I do sometimes wish it was more spiritual, because I feel that’s what I personally need in my spiritual development. Part of going to different UU churches will involve getting a feel for them, individually and in relation to each other. Also, every minister’s style is different, which in some ways really resembles what I just said above, but also includes their manner, how humorous their sermons are, how strictly run the services are (relatively, anyway; we are UUs after all), and a lot of other stuff. A minister can make a lot of a difference, and especially at small and medium sized churches (under 300 members), try to talk to them after the service. It’s a good way to get to know more about the church, and they usually love meeting new people and talking to guests.

Also it’s probably a good idea to get a sense of what resources the church has available, and what it has going on. This depends somewhat on the size of the church, which I’m going to talk briefly about. My church is a small church, about 100 members, which I think is really nice because at that size basically everyone knows each other and it really feels like a close community, but at that size, churches have fewer programs and resources and less stuff going on. There are churches as small as 20 members and churches as big as like 800. Mid-sized churches (like 250-400) are still fairly close-knit, but you’re not going to know everyone; however, there will be more people, a lot more stuff to get involved in, and possibly two services. Anything bigger than that is a church where you’re really going to have to focus on finding a niche or smaller community of people (like Small Group Ministry, which I’ll explain in a minute), but they might have events going on every single weekend and something for whatever you’re interested in. (Wow, that was not as brief as I intended.)

Part of the resources thing is also age-related, and I don’t know how old you are, so I’m just going to cover my bases. Regardless of how old you are, Small Group Ministry is a great thing almost every church has, where basically little interest groups or clubs will meet every so often and either do something specific or just talk about spirituality or what’s going on in their lives. SGMs at my church include Hiking, Buddhist Meditation, Vegetarian and Vegan Dining, Parents, and Charity-based groups. They’re really fantastic things, and one of the best things you can do once you settle on a church is probably to start going to a few of them, get to know some people there, make friends, get involved in stuff you’re interested in, and relate to people in a smaller setting. If you’re 18 or younger, you should absolutely get involved with the youth group at the church, or find a church that has a good youth group. I’m just leaving that community, and seriously, it’s amazing. If you’re a young adult (18-35), I might suggest looking at more sizeable churches (like 150 members or more) because most UU churches do not have a sizeable young adult population, nor many programs for them. That said, there are exceptions; the church closest to mine is about 140 members and they have a relatively thriving young adult community. It’s just something to look into when you’re trying out different churches, and if that’s something you’re interested in, I’d definitely recommend trying to find a church that has a young adult group. Sometimes those groups (or inter-church groups) will meet up for lunch or dinner or a game night or just to hang out every so often, and those can be a lot of fun. And…frankly your icon picture does not look like you’re older than 35, so I’m gonna leave off there.

That’s most of my advice about selecting a church, I think. Just look around and find somewhere you feel welcome. As for making the most of your first time, my biggest advice is to reach out to people and start conversations. Most people (at least at my church) love talking, especially to new people, and ultimately I think churches are about community. Also try out Small Group Ministry, and see if there’s a group specifically for people your age. By a similar token, see if there’s any volunteer projects or community service in the announcements that interests you, and if so, get involved in it. Most UU churches are pretty activist-focused, so there should at least be something. And just keep an open mind and be ready to have fun.

I realize now I didn’t help so much with the “try first” portion and went more with the “settling on one,” but I think a lot of the advice still applies. Figure out what size you think you would be most comfortable with, possibly weed out ones that aren’t Welcoming Congregations (specifically trained to be LGBTQ friendly) if that’s something important to you, and go on the various websites, get a sense of the programs they have available, and try to read or listen to some sermons in particular. (But keep in mind the websites may be seriously deceptive just because they’re ill-maintained).

Anyway, I hope that helps, and I also hope you don’t mind my *ahem* thoroughness here. And good luck!

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Hawkeye #19 was well worth the wait. I thought nothing would ever top Pizza Dog.

#19 is mostly in sign language with very little subtitles showing just how awesome the medium of comics can be.

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